The 7 Jewels of Happiness

The 7 Jewels of Happiness will change your life!

Here’s something to try today: Practice saying “yes” to everything today. Try saying, “yes, okay, it is what it is” as an acknowledgment of the reality of the situation regardless of how you perceive it or would prefer it. Acknowledge the situation. Acknowledge how you’re thinking and feeling and reacting. You don’t have to DO anything else.

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In the last video blog

I talked about desires, intentions, and the very important WHY that inspires you.

Today, I want to share about the 7 Jewels of Happiness. Happiness isn’t an accident and it doesn’t depend on what’s happening around you. Happiness is a result of practice!

These are practices to cultivate better feeling mood, thoughts, body, relationships, work, life…everything is better when we’re happy.

When you incorporate these practices The 7 Jewels into your everyday life you’ll change everything.

These 7 practices get you grounded, present, quiet your mind, fill your heart, shift your energy and focus, get you tapped into your deeper self, and tuned into Life. They aren’t complicated, they are simple but not necessarily easy, and they don’t have to take much time.

As you develop skills with them, you just incorporate them into your every moment.

The results are profound.

These are ancient practices that are supported by modern science. Studies show that they change the structure & function of your brain; improve your immune system; reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and pain; can positively affect the expression of your genes; improve your relationships; help you find meaning and purpose in your life; and to feel connected to the Universe. Sounds fantastic but it’s real.

Here’s a super quick overview of the 7 Jewels of Happiness from my perspective.


YES! – yes to life, accepting everything, Acknowledge the reality of the moment, It is what it is, No resistance (pain X resistance=suffering)

Stories  – look for a broader positive perspective Example: Let’s say there are two people who wake up to see that it’s raining outside. One person responds with, “oh man that sucks! It’s disgusting outside. My shoes are going to get messed up and my hair is going to be a mess. People around here can’t drive in the rain. Traffic is going to be awful. Today is a bad day.”

Now person #2 responds with, “Oh I love hearing the sound of the rain. And, it smells wonderful in the spring. My grass is so green from all this rain. Oh and the dandelions. I’m not going to have any problem finding enough for greens and to make wine. The rain always makes me think of that movie ‘Singing in the Rain’.”

Same conditions but who’s going to have the better day? The only difference being perception and the story focused on in the mind.

Mindfulness – Presence reveals Freedom. When we are able to just be, without resistance, in the moment we have some space to choose our thoughts, feelings, and responses rather than mindlessly reacting.

Intuition – This is about tuning into our deep, personal truth. You can tune into the quiet voice in your gut or heart to realize what is true for you in any situation.

Love – Love creates Healing. Love is also a practice. It’s a verb that creates the feeling of love. Love is no accident either. It can be cultivated by practicing appreciation and compassion. Look around you for things you can appreciate.

Energy – physics shows us that we are only made of energy. Our bodies are made out of atoms as is everything else. Atoms are really just bits of whirling energy in a field of space. I’m sure you’ve noticed how you are affected by feel-good music or people or memories. You can also learn exercises to shift and balance your energy so that your mind-body-spirit feel better.

Spirit – Everything in the Universe is energy. Perhaps you have a sense of God (or any name that is meaningful to you), or consciousness, the divine, or the great mystery. There is something to tune into. Many people experience it in nature. Where or how do you experience it?

So, there you have a preview of The 7 Jewels of Happiness. The practices of happiness. I will be going into more detail and experience with these during my Reiki Training weekend June 8-10. To learn more go to the Become a Reiki Master page.

I’ll have early bird rates & gifts are available until May 15th.

Next time I’ll talk about some of the science supporting energy healing techniques.

Be well.

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