I am available through secure video sessions only. Contact me for information.

Counseling is primarily “talk therapy” where we’ll discuss the issues in your life and then explore new ways of perceiving and responding to those issues.

We will look at what is happening in your present life and your habits of thought, emotional reactions, and behaviors. We’ll address the past as needed. Primarily, I believe that we need help letting go of attachments to the past which contribute to suffering in the present. We always have the power to choose new responses in the present but it requires a commitment to practicing awareness of your mind-body in the present moment. We’ll also work on learning to use your mind for good rather than to rehash unpleasant past events. The mind is a powerful healing ally if used to its potential. Thoughts literally affect how our genes are expressed.

60-minute Sessions

Counseling sessions can be billed to your insurance. If I am on your insurance panel, I will bill for you and you’ll be responsible only for your copay/deductible. If I am out-of your network, you will need to pay at the time of service and then bill your insurance for reimbursement. Most plans will reimburse you something for out-of-network providers.

Note about insurance: If you are wanting to use your insurance, I will need to provide them with a diagnosis. It is required for billing and they may require proof of medical necessity. You also need to know that a mental health diagnosis can impact your ability to be considered for certain jobs or to obtain a security clearance. Your insurance company has access to all of your records.


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Congratulations on taking steps toward greater health & well-being.