Reiki Specials

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I offer Intuitive Reiki sessions where I integrate contemporary psychology, intuitive skills, and several energetic healing modalities. I am skilled at feeling, moving, and activating energy in the body. My job is to activate your energy and facilitate your system’s natural ability to re-balance and heal.

Everyone’s experience of energy work varies and the session is tailored to your needs. Most people feel the energy moving in the body. They also feel when emotions or mental/physical resistance are released. Many people have realizations or powerful insights from the session that help them change their lives.

Research demonstrates that Reiki is a safe and effective healing modality. Sessions are helpful for many ailments like pain, injury, and healing from illness as well as emotional challenges like anxiety, life transitions, grief, confusion, or depression. Intuitive Reiki sessions help you understand the connections between what you experience emotionally, mentally, and physically.

In-person or Distance sessions available: I also incorporate distance sessions which means you can lay down at home and feel the benefits of moving your body’s energy.

Mind-body techniques are one of the unique skills I offer and they supercharge your process of change.

Release the resistance and move on with your life!

Congratulations on taking steps toward greater health & well-being.

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