June 2017

FrequencyLab: HSP Superpowers

Thursday June 1st, 6:00-7:30pm

Topic:  Align & empower your HSP self. Tap into your intuition and inner strength. Tonight we’ll see that being highly sensitive is not a weakness, it is a superpower. You are authentically powerful, not suffering in weakness or as a victim. You are not fragile but, you do need to make deliberate choices when creating a great life. This is a critical shift in self-perception for many HSPs. Class will include intuitive experience & discussion.

Location: Bremerton, WA

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Past Events

April 20th, 2017 6-8pm

This evening will focus on how you manage your energy and its affects on your mind, body, and life. We’ll cover tools for raising your energy such as clearing your meridians, chakras and auric fields. We’ll practice exercises for raising your energy. When we feel good, life is good regardless of the circumstances

RETREAT: Become a Reiki Master Weekend Intensive – April 28-30 (Friday evening, all day Saturday and Sunday)

Location: Brinnon Gardens in Brinnon, WA.

Do you feel called to learn the powerful healing art of Reiki? Join us, Phoebe Patten & Susan Franklin, for an immersion weekend of comprehensive training to become a Reiki Master.

This class is open to those at any level whether you choose to become a professional healer or for your own healing.

You’ll learn about the sacred lineage of Usui Reiki and receive attunements for levels 1, 2, and the master level. This training is for you if you feel drawn to deeper self-exploration as well as relating with others in more meaningful ways. You’ll learn about chakras, auric fields, and accessing & caring for your empathic gifts. We’ll also address ethics and guidelines for professional healers.

There will be lots of hands-on demonstrations and practice with other participants. The instructors will support and guide you using their intuitive skills.

We have created a thorough manual especially for this training. It is included in the cost of registration. You will also be invited to join a private Facebook group following completion of the training. It offers on-going support, guidance, sharing, learning, and opportunities to connect with other group members for practicing.

We are running this training as a weekend retreat. Join us at lovely Brinnon Gardens in Brinnon, WA along the Hood Canal. Take this rare opportunity to unplug from your usual life to dive deeply into your personal healing and to learn an effective technique for helping others facilitate healing.

Cost: $400