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Get Up Close, Personal, and Comfortable with Money SMALL


Women, Business, Purpose, & Success Meetup – May 22nd 8-9am – RSVP on Meetup



Reiki Meetup – May 24th 6:30-8pm – RSVP on Meetup group


Become a Reiki Master – a Transformational Weekend – June 8-10

Whether you see yourself as a Seeker or called to be a Healer…The experience and practice of Reiki helps you tap your own spiritual wisdom for healing yourself and others as well as contributing to the healing of the world. It helps you shift your mind-body and emotions, all of which are energy. This training creates the environment for a life-changing experience and invites you to live more in tune with your higher self. This training is appropriate for personal & spiritual growth and for those who are called to the healing profession.

Early bird bonuses available until 5/21!

Information and Registration HERE


The 7 Jewels of Happiness – a transformational 2-day workshop

Dates: October 2018 exact dates TBD

Happiness is possible. Happiness is PRACTICE.

In fact, I believe that there are 7 practices, or jewels, that create happiness in our lives. One of the “tricks” to having more happiness is learning to use the practices no matter what your conditions.

LEARN MORE HERE and more details to come soon!


Past Events


Women, Business, Purpose, & Success Meetup – April 24th 8-9am – RSVP on Meetup

Reiki Meetup – April 26th 6:30-8pm – RSVP on Meetup group


Highly Sensitive People: Healing Self & Others – Thursday 3/1 6:30-8 (Free)

We’ll be exploring the unique qualities of the HSP and their superpowers! We’ll discuss what it means to heal, how to heal, and how to share it with the world.

Location: Chiropractic Lifestyle Center, 991 NE Riddell Rd, Bremerton, WA 98310

Intro to Tapping (EFT) – Thursday 3/8 6:30pm to 8:00pm (Free)

Tapping, otherwise known as Emotional Freedom Techniques, is a simple yet powerful tool for calming and shifting the mind, emotions, and body. It is easy to learn and apply everyday to help reduce stress, anxiety, pain, physical problems, instill new habits or break old ones, and to build a more positive mindset. It is a great healing tool!

Location: Chiropractic Lifestyle Center, 991 NE Riddell Rd, Bremerton, WA 98310

Reiki Meetup Intro to Reiki – Thursday 3/22 6:30pm to 8:00pm

This meeting is for anyone interested in Reiki. We’ll talk, do some demonstration, and get some hands-on experience feeling energy. I believe everyone has the capacity to heal oneself and others. I also believe that with energy work and loving intention, we cannot hurt anyone.

Location: Chiropractic Lifestyle Center, 991 NE Riddell Rd, Bremerton, WA 98310


Intro to Mind-Body Tool for Self-Healing – Thursday 4/5 6:30pm to 8:00pm (free)

Location: Chiropractic Lifestyle Center, 991 NE Riddell Rd, Bremerton, WA 98310

Got Anxiety? The mind-body tools I use to heal it – Thursday 2/8 6:30pm to 8:00 pm (Free)

We’ll be talking about the pervasiveness of anxiety in our culture and the underlying causes of it. We’ll explore psychology, the science of mind, the science of energy healing techniques, and how you can use them for working with your mind and body to reduce anxiety, change your relationship to it. There are many simple, but powerful, techniques to help heal your body and mind. Change doesn’t need to be as hard as we make it. You’ll learn easy mind and energy techniques for everyday life.

Location:  Chiropractic Lifestyle Center, 991 NE Riddell Rd, Bremerton, WA 98310

November 2017

30 Days Cultivating Appreciation30 Days Cultivating Appreciation

Join this free Facebook group during the month of November. We’ll be learning and practicing a short (5-15 min) exercise each day for cultivating appreciation. The practices will help transform stress, anxiety, depression, sadness, and negativity into better feeling thoughts, emotions, and body. It’s almost magic except that it only relies on the power of your your mind and choices.

WHY Leadership Webinar

Thursday November 16th, 1:00-2:00pm Pacific

WHY LeadershipThis free webinar will cover much of the information we offered at the first meeting of this meetup. We’ll be exploring what WHY Leadership is and how embodying the skills can help you become a great leader. It begins with self-development and clarifying your individual why.

This meetup is for leaders, managers, individuals who want to become leaders, and individuals who want to develop their leadership abilities. This is a facilitated leadership consulting group where we will connect with others interested in learning about and implementing holistic leadership. We will be sharing and learning from one another in a supportive environment. WHY Leadership is about tapping into your “why” and your group’s “why” in order to build a cohesive effective group. This approach increases morale, individual investment in the mission, productivity, quality of life and ultimately, your bottom line.

For those members who have attended a meetup in person, there is also a closed Facebook group to offer a place to share your challenges as well as your successes. We can all support each other in our journey to become excellent leaders.

WHY Leadership Meetup of Kitsap

Thursday November 30th, 8:00-9:00am

This is our second meeting. We’ll be exploring the foundations and application of WHY Leadership. The focus for this meetup will be getting clarity on how to infuse your “what” and “how” with your WHY.

We’ll start with a short mindfulness experience to help us get grounded in our purpose (our WHY).

We’ll then review worksheets from Meetup #1 and use the conversation to explore how to use your WHY to inform and drive your how’s & what’s. Also, how to tap your WHY to influence how you communicate with others based on the principles of WHY Leadership. For location information, please RSVP on the WHY Leadership Meetup of Kitsap page.

If you were not able to come to the first meetup, please consider attending our free webinar November 16th at 1:00pm Pacific. We’ll be presenting the material shared during the first meetup including the exercise that will build on during the 2nd meetup.

If you didn’t make the first meetup and would like to get the information we shared, then join our free webinar November 16th.

December 2017

Got Anxiety? Heal with simple mind-body tools

Thursday December 7th, 7:00-8:00pm (ish)

Got Anxiety-More information soon: This webinar is about dealing with the underlying causes of anxiety. You’ll learn about psychology and your body and how they interact in the experience of anxiety. The field of energy psychology will be introduced as well as simple ways you can shift your mind and energy systems to feel better mentally and physically. You’ll learn and practice some simple mind-body techniques that you can use everyday.


WHY Leadership Meetup of Bremerton

Thursday, October 26th, 8:00-9:00am

RSVP on our Meetup event and to get more details. Coffee and light pastries will be provided. This is a free event.

Location: Downtown Bremerton

HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) Superpowers

Tuesday October 17th, 7:00-8:00pm (ish)

Align & empower your HSP self. Tap into your intuition and inner strength. Tonight we’ll see that being highly sensitive is not a weakness, it is a superpower. You are authentically powerful, not suffering in weakness or as a victim. You are not fragile but, you do need to make deliberate choices when creating a great life. This is a critical shift in self-perception for many HSPs. Class will include intuitive experience & discussion.

View here

April 20th, 2017 6-8pm

This evening will focus on how you manage your energy and its affects on your mind, body, and life. We’ll cover tools for raising your energy such as clearing your meridians, chakras and auric fields. We’ll practice exercises for raising your energy. When we feel good, life is good regardless of the circumstances

RETREAT: Become a Reiki Master Weekend Intensive – April 28-30 (Friday evening, all day Saturday and Sunday)

Location: Brinnon Gardens in Brinnon, WA.

Do you feel called to learn the powerful healing art of Reiki? Join us, Phoebe Patten & Susan Franklin, for an immersion weekend of comprehensive training to become a Reiki Master.

This class is open to those at any level whether you choose to become a professional healer or for your own healing.

You’ll learn about the sacred lineage of Usui Reiki and receive attunements for levels 1, 2, and the master level. This training is for you if you feel drawn to deeper self-exploration as well as relating with others in more meaningful ways. You’ll learn about chakras, auric fields, and accessing & caring for your empathic gifts. We’ll also address ethics and guidelines for professional healers.

There will be lots of hands-on demonstrations and practice with other participants. The instructors will support and guide you using their intuitive skills.

We have created a thorough manual especially for this training. It is included in the cost of registration. You will also be invited to join a private Facebook group following completion of the training. It offers on-going support, guidance, sharing, learning, and opportunities to connect with other group members for practicing.

We are running this training as a weekend retreat. Join us at lovely Brinnon Gardens in Brinnon, WA along the Hood Canal. Take this rare opportunity to unplug from your usual life to dive deeply into your personal healing and to learn an effective technique for helping others facilitate healing.

Cost: $400