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Tapping Information

Tapping How-To:

You don’t have to be perfect with this. Focus on the correct locations. You can follow me for the process. See more in the tips session below.

Tapping Tips

The chart is for reference. I do want you to tap in the correct locations but you’ll discover along the way the the order can be different and often we’ll leave out points or focus on other points. Tapping is a flexible system. Each point is on a meridian. These are places an acupuncturist might place needles. If you look around YouTube for tapping practitioners you’ll see variety in the order of these points and some include more or fewer points. It all works! So, you can simply watch me and do what I do in the video.

If you want to do tapping outside of class on other issues check out The Tapping Solution online, on YouTube, and they have a great app. Or check out Brad Yates on YouTube. Brad has hundreds of videos on hundreds of issues.

**When following these videos, make the words fit your feelings. For instance, if he say “I’m mad” but you feel rage or indignant, then say that. The more specific it is to you the deeper it will clear. There is also much benefit to be gained from just doing what they do while thinking about your issue. It’s called borrowing benefits. This is why group tapping can be so powerful.

Bottom line…don’t sweat about the tapping. Follow me and it will work.

Chakras, Imbalance Issues, Benefits of Healthy Energy

Level 1: 1st Chakra

Aspects to be worked with:

1. Nervous System wiring, Inner Child, Safety, Belonging

2. Rejection of body, lack of care for body, fear of body

3. Physiological Stress Response, what’s going on outside our awareness

Healing issues related to a weak first chakra:

  • difficulty taking action
  • over-busy mind
  • anxious energy, anxiety, panic
  • rejection of body
  • out of touch with body signals like stress, hunger, need for sleep/rest, need for movement
  • zoning out or leaving your body
  • having big dreams but not able to manifest them
  • difficulty creating habits for nutrition and self-care
  • difficulty with organization, money management, follow through, finishing projects.

Benefits of Strong 1st chakra

  • dramatic leap in feeling grounded, safe, powerfully embodied, in tune and grounded in nervous system
  • experience the centered oneness and energy of deep love and acceptance at the physical level. Being at ease in your body rather than stuck in your head.
  • feel the actual energy in your body of physical manifestation and magnetic attraction, heart energy, and embodied core energy that inspires action
  • presence, energy, and a glow that is noticeable by other people.
  • able to consciously catch, identify, and address habitual thoughts based on old family paradigms so you can shift into the new reality you are creating.
Class 1 Video: Nervous system

Homework: Check in everyday with your inner child. Ask what they need and try to fulfill the need as soon as you can. Focus on soothing, compassion, loving attention.

Class 1 audio
Class 1: Additional Tapping Session

for anything that may have come up for you during the class process.

Class 1 extra tapping session audio
Class 2: Disembodiment, Body Rejection

Homework: Pause several times a day to check in with your body….what am I experiencing in my body right now? What does my body need? Can I feel the aliveness in the cells right now? How can I honor my body today?

Class 2 audio
Class 2: Additional Tapping for Embodiment
Class 2 Additional Tapping
Class 3: Stress Response System

Class 3 Video: How much stress are you carrying around with you everyday? You’ll probably be surprised. What might be more surprising is that it’s not caused by what you’re experiencing now. It’s unconscious programming that you’ve carried all your life. You can clear and reprogram!

Homework: Check in with your body and mind to really feel into your stress level. Then tap even if just for a 1-2 minutes.

Class 3 audio
Class 3: Extra Tapping

An extra tapping session to honor the stress, the roots from the past, clearing, and empowering your system. Do it as often as you need.

Audio of Extra Tapping for Class 3
Q&A and Practice Session – video
Q&A and Practice Session audio

Level 2: 2nd Chakra

Aspects to be worked with:

  1. Core Trauma – denial/rejection of deepest needs turning point as child
  2. Rejection of energy of rage, anger, and reclaiming inner power
  3. Rejection of 2nd Chakra Life-Force energy of money, passion, and creativity

Healing Issues Caused by Weak 2nd Chakra

  • difficulty owning your power
  • feeling guilty or anxious about being “too much”, “too powerful”, or “too attractive”
  • Living a vow to never be angry and in turn pushing anger down into frustration or depression
  • Or, uncontrolled and unhealthy anger in battle all the time or with self, self-sabotage
  • thinking your feelings rather than feeling them
  • difficulty feeling joy and connection
  • pattern of fear and avoidance of vulnerability expecting betrayal and/or abandonment
  • shutdown sexual energy and/or periods of excessive sexual energy

Benefits of Strong 2nd Chakra

  • flow more life-force energy into your life that you feel and others see/feel as your power, passion, charisma, creativity, sexuality
  • experience the charge of more life force energy and power flowing through your 2nd chakra inspiring you toward bold action for what you really want and deserve
  • feeling who you really are! and what you are drawn to and what you attract
  • feel your heart open through opening your 2nd chakra to allow yourself to receive more love, intimacy, and vulnerability in relationships while also setting healthy boundaries
  • Allow others to see and feel your passion, energy, power, ups and downs
  • New willingness to be vulnerable, flawed, and human
  • New deeper ability to feeling your emotions, needs, pleasure, joy, celebration!



Class 4 Video: Rejection of Your Deepest Needs

Homework: Check in with your young child-self about needs, wants, desires, impulses, and hard feelings. Do your best to compassionately see and hear them, voice and honor them, and make them feel safe in themselves and with you.

Class 4 audio
Class 4: Extra Tapping Video
Class 4 Extra Tapping audio
Class 5 Video: Power & Rage

Anger is a natural energy activated by unfairness and/or fear. When processed and used as a messenger, it can guide you into empowered leadership energy with clarity and courage to act. From a place of consciousness, anger can be used in healthy and productive ways.

Homework: 1) Tap & Rant – tap while ranting about whatever has irritated, hurt, offended, or angered you. Go over the top with the language to help whatever angry energy might be hiding in there to arise so you can move it. When it calms down, you should have more clarity about what it’s about and what you may need to do if anything. Think about, “what do I want instead in this situation?”

2) Write a list of statements…. “I want _________.” These can become affirmations. You can “tap them in” by doing tapping as you say them. The tapping releases any resistance that might be hiding in the cracks that you may not even be aware of. You can add, “and I say yes to this!” after each “I want” or interspersed.

Class 5 Power & Rage audio
Class 6: Raw Life-force Energy

Homework: Get in touch with your bad self!! Dance and strut. Tap on anything that doesn’t feel totally sexy! Love yourself. Act like it. Share it. Change the world!

Class 6 Audio: Raw Life-Force Energy

Level 3: Third Chakra

Class 7: Anger, Boundaries, and Clearing Hidden Agendas

Anger signals us about things that feel like a violation and unjust. It is important that we honor our real feelings. We don’t want to rage on people with it but we also need to heed the self-affirming message in it. When we give voice to our genuine feelings, including anger, then we can shift it. We honor, heed the message, shift it, and then take any appropriate needed steps to deal with it.

If guilt arises, see it as a distraction from owning your feelings at first. Whatever you did, does not negate your feelings in reaction to the other person. Inhabit your anger, voice it, and tap until it calms. After that, take a look at your behavior too. Voice and tap on anything that elicits guilt, regret, or grief. Your bad behavior does not excuse their bad behavior. Also bring compassion to the whole situation. It’s easy to judge yourself when you’re not in the thick of it.

When a terrified dog is backed into a corner fearful of being hurt, it will bite. It’s not a bad dog, just a scared one.


Don’t start with your hardest person or situation! There’s a good chance you’ll retraumatize yourself. Practice this process on as many old situations and people as you can. Each time it will get easier and you’ll feel freer and more confident.

Class 7 Audio
Class 8 Video: Clearing shadow of 3rd chakra and empowering the courage to shine with confidence

Clearing your fears of being seen and judged. Clearing the vow to hide yourself.

Homework: Take the risk to be more enthusiastically YOU in your circle but also out in the world. Let your light shine.

Class 8 audio Letting go of the fears and Building the Courage to Shine with Confidence
Class 9 Video: Shine as your Authentic Self & Resilience


  1. Consciously deepen the connection with who you really ARE, want to BE, do have, and give.
  2. 1 thing you can do this week to step out a little more boldly even if within the context of your peeps
  3. Dance, strut, and playfully remind yourself of your real and special essence. You can do this in the privacy of your own home 🙂
Class 9 Audio – Shine as your authentic self & Resilience

Level 4: Fearless Loving & the Undefended Heart in the 4th Chakra

Class 10 Video: Healing the Secret Wounds

Homework: Do this process at least once more. You can also use the same approach to working with other difficult people. Keep tapping until the intensity subsides. You many need to some tapping everyday for a while. It’s worth it. There is compassion, acceptance, and forgiveness on the other side.

Class 10 Audio: Healing the Secret Wounds
Class 11 Video: Healing the Unforgiveable Mistake

Homework: What would it be like to be 2x as loving and compassionate toward yourself?

What would it be like to allow yourself 2x as much delight, wonder, curiosity, and joy?

What would it be like to have 2x as much patience with yourself, kindness toward yourself, and encouragement for yourself?

What would it be like to refrain from criticism, contempt, defensiveness, and stubbornness toward yourself?

Try it for one day and then two and then three. See what it’s like and tap about anything that feels uncomfortable.

Class 11 Audio: Healing the Unforgiveable Mistake
Class 12 Video: Healing the Unforgiveable Shadow Sides

Homework: Really contemplate and answer these questions for yourself.

  • What does this shadow side of me need?
  • What’s it calling me to do?
  • How would my life be different if I carried a little more of my authentic power?
  • What would it be like if I honored myself a little bit more?
  • What if I didn’t use the word “selfish” as a way to not honor myself?
Class 12 Audio: Healing the Unforgiveable Shadow Sides

Class 12 Extra Tapping Video: Integrating Your Change

Class 12 Extra Tapping Audio: Integrating Change