Activate Your Empowerment Energy for Emotional Freedom

Are you stuck?

Frustrated with old anxieties, worries, stubborn negative habits, self-sabotaging, and feeling disappointed and confused about why nothing seems to help?

Can’t get free from the automatic programs getting expressed as your habitual ineffective coping strategies, low self-esteem, fears, reactivity, self-doubt, depression, anxiety, people-pleasing, perfectionism, and an inability to fulfill your authentic purpose in this life?

This experience will activate your natural empowerment energy.

You’ll find yourself moving forward into new adventures without the same old doubt, procrastination, and avoidance you’re used to experiencing.

You’ll develop greater emotional skill which translates into healthy assertiveness and communication.

You’ll be more emotionally resilient which means less reactivity and your buttons won’t get pushed so much.

You got stuck in the first place because you came into this world as a raw nervous system that got imprinted by an overwhelming world you didn’t understand. Your life experiences coupled with negative messaging from people and culture became your unconscious programming. You’ve mistakenly believed that mean voice in your head is the truth.


I want to emphasize that there is nothing wrong with you or broken or that needs to be fixed! It’s a challenge being human and we’re all kind of messy. We’re all filled with both light and shadowy aspects.

What you need is a compassionate container, information, and guidance to do the inner work and self-care to reveal, release, and rewrite your programming.

This is a guided self-healing process that taps into the core wounds, fears, and blocked places that keep you stuck in self-doubt, anxiety, and unhappiness in your life. This process is about freeing and empowering yourself rather than fixing anything.

A Life of Happiness and Freedom is Possible for YOU.

I’ll be guiding you through a powerful process that integrates visualization/self-hypnosis and EFT-Tapping focused on revealing and releasing blocks held in your chakra system. EFT (tapping) is recognized by the American Psychological Association as an evidence-supported technique that is safe and highly effective.

This process helps you reveal and release them. I’m seeing the evidence in my client’s everyday lives as well as in my own life. Through this process one client has come to understand the crippling disempowering effect of perfectionism. This process is helping them release the early emotional contaminants if you will.

Each session results in greater clarity, release, and empowerment for this person as evidenced by their ability to take new inspired actions in their daily life. They are also now able to ride the emotional waves of life without getting triggered and swamped as in the past. They now have a clear channel for allowing all the feelings to arise, be felt, honored, and released.

Clearing the old programming allows your natural empowerment energy to flow through to energize your whole system.

You’ll also be working on building self-compassion, self-acceptance, and forgiveness on many levels. I’ll be guiding you through the process and teaching you how to continue the work on your own.

This class is now on-demand. 12 recorded sessions of approximately 90 minutes and some additional videos and information posted on the class page. You’ll get access to the class page following registration.

**Please note that this is not psychotherapy or medical/mental health treatment and does not take the place of those services. I’ll be guiding you through a self-help coaching process integrating mind-body techniques for personal growth. I will not be engaging in the role of mental health provider. No results are guaranteed and vary by person.