Love yourself.

“Everything flowers, from within, of self-blessing”

I love this poem. I love it because it’s about love. It’s about self-love. It’s about the essential loveableness of all beings. The subject is an animal that humans tend to see as ugly, fat, and perhaps gross. An animal fit for eating. However, through the imagined eyes of St. Francis, patron saint of animals, … Continue reading “Everything flowers, from within, of self-blessing”

How are you weathering these tumultuous times?

Presence helps us work with life just as it is. This moment of just feeling, experiencing, doing what is next with as much compassion and grace as we can muster. Don't fight against life, work FOR your life.

The 7 Jewels of Happiness

Happiness isn’t an accident & doesn't depend on circumstances. It's from practice! The 7 Jewels help you feel better in body-mind, relationships, work, & life.

Self-Love does NOT make you a Narcissist

Each degree we are able to grow our self-love, our love ripples out into the world raising the well-being of everyone. Loving yourself powers your ability to love everyone and everything which is the only way to heal this world. Self-love is the key to the Universe and a happy life.