Got Stress and Anxiety? Mind-Body Tools for Peace

I am thrilled to announce the launch of Groundwater Wellness School on You might be able to easily figure out that the first online course is, you guessed it, “Got Stress and Anxiety? Mind-Body Tools for Peace”. You can register here and share this link ( with people you know who might benefit from it.

Why did I create this course and what’s it about?

I think most people would agree that our world feels complicated. We have so many activities and responsibilities. The world puts many demands and pressures on us to achieve, perform, produce, and consume more every day. The coronavirus pandemic made 2020 especially challenging. But that’s not all, there were also huge economic consequences for many people causing high unemployment and frightening financial situations. Many people lost jobs, lost homes, and lost loved ones. The persistent and rising stress lowered our thresholds for stress and reactivity. In the US, we’ve had growing social unrest aggravated by political struggles.

Have you suffered with low energy, low motivation, sadness, depression, anxiety, panic, sleep problems, gut issues, insomnia, over-sleeping, frequent illness, over-eating or under-eating, irritability, relationship problems, anger, frustration, hopelessness, helplessness, confusion, compulsive TV-watching or video game-playing or drinking or smoking or marijuana use or other drug use? All those symptoms suggest you’re overwhelmed by current stresses and that you’re having a hard time finding ways to calm your mind and body. And clearly, you’re unhappy.

Humans are amazingly resilient beings.

Our bodies are built for dealing with hard things and growing from them. Our bodies also need special and personalized care to function at optimal levels. We were not built for chronic stress. We were built for short bursts of stress followed by rest, relaxation, and healing. Chronic stress causes a myriad of health and mental health challenges and sometimes serious conditions. This is what we’re seeing now. Our world does not encourage or support well-being.

It’s our responsibility to take responsibility for our own well-being.

I have seen a significant rise in requests for therapy in my practice over the last year. Several people contact me every week about suffering the symptoms I listed above and wanting help to feel better. My schedule has been full, and I have had a waitlist all through 2020. I just have not able to help everyone who wanted and needed help.

This is exactly why I created this course and why I’ll continue building new courses.

I know that the power of healing is ultimately Self-Healing.

We need the amazing skills and technology of modern medicine but there’s also so much self-healing and prevention we can do. Everything we do in self-care is prevention of other physical and emotional problems. Somewhere around 90% of physician visits are due to stress-related symptoms. Your doc can give you medicine to deal with symptoms but they don’t address the underlying cause which is stress. What if you developed the skills you need to reduce stress and the effects of stress? Then you’d feel better, be happier, be healthier, and need to see your physician less and need less medication, less often. Sounds like a win, win, win, win to me!

There are well-researched methods for reducing stress and the consequences of stress. I’ve put together a few of these for you in this course. My intention is to give you some information but to focus on experientially learning skills that help. It’s easy to get overwhelmed thinking that you must change everything all at once. This is the problem with many changes. Ever go on a diet? Yuck!

I provide practices for you to experience. Use one repeatedly for 2-3 weeks to see what it’s like. You must do it as intended for long enough to really see how it might work for you. Most new things are uncomfortable (or hard) for the first 10 days or so. Then it’ll feel better but maybe not automatic. It takes at least 3-4 weeks to get a habit going. The good news is it’s not all torture. You’ll notice positive effects very soon if you’re paying attention to how you feel. (note: you might also feel a bit worse at first because you’re paying attention. This is good! It also requires your commitment to continue so you can feel better.)

I’ve really liked using the free Way of Life Habit Tracker app in the past. Right now I’m using an excel spreadsheet to track my daily wellness practices. I include a template in the course.

Ultimately all healing is self-healing

Change is “easier” and longer lasting when we start with small changes and then build on them. This approach reduces your resistance, builds consistency, builds commitment, and builds momentum. It works on the principle of compound interest. You start with small investments. You start earning interest that builds your investment. Pretty soon the rewards are getting bigger and bigger over time.

This principle is at work in transformation too. Here’s an example, start with 5 minutes of mindfulness everyday right after you brush your teeth. The first week will take commitment but by the second week it will be getting easier. By the 3rd week you’ll be liking how it feels and maybe even staying a few more minutes. By the 4th week, maybe you’re up to 10 or 15 minutes a day. Research demonstrates that there are measurable benefits from practicing mindfulness for a minimum of 8 minutes a day. Check it out for yourself.

The most important thing I want you to know is that you can feel better, soon.

You can feel better by shifting some daily habits, beginning some daily practices, and most importantly by daily working with your mind. Your mind is the most powerful tool you’ve got related to change. Use it for good! You might enjoy this blog post We Are Not Our Thoughts: Use The Right Tool For The Job.

You can increase your energy. You can shift your mind toward more positive thoughts. You can practice noticing things to appreciate and for which to be thankful. You can’t change the circumstances in the world, but you can notice that there’s much more right going on, than there is bad, even today. You must care about how you feel.

Love yourself. Act like it. Share it. Change the world.

Go HERE for information on the course and to register. There are a few scholarships available so contact me if you want to take the course and are in financial need.

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