Yeah, Yeah, We’re All One

It’s a quaint and spiritual idea that we’ve all heard. But, do you really know that it’s true? Can you wrap your mind around such an abstract idea like that? Have you ever felt yourself as one with everything?

I think of us as being like those heat waves that you see on hot black top in the summer. We’re just a little area of concentrated energy waves just like those heat waves. Everything is just like that. The heat waves are not separate from the air. They’re not a thing with real boundaries and, frankly, we’re just like that, too.

I was in the woods today running. I was tired and trying to find a way to feel stronger and feel more energy in my muscles. My mind strongly wanted to just quit and walk. So, I was trying to draw energy from the universe. I was thinking about what physics tells us which is that everything is just a sea of energy.

Everything in the universe is just an alive moving energetic sea.

And if the universe is that, then we are also that. Quantum physics demonstrates that when you get down to our smallest components, rather, the smallest that science has been able to measure so far. At that quantum level it’s just space and energy. There aren’t particles. There aren’t waves. There’s the possibility of everything down there in that state. It’s truly a field of infinite possibility. I’m not a physicist, so unfortunately, I can’t explain it. If you’re intrigued, I suggest you read Lynne McTaggart’s book, “The Field: The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe”. It will blow your mind.

Our human minds, however, have a nearly impossible time fully grasping that as reality, as an experience. The human mind is focused on what we believe to be physical or the material world. We live in this three-dimensional world with “things”. We tend to believe in the boundaries of things. Our eyes see discreet edges and endings and it’s hard to imagine that we’re part of this amorphous all-encompassing sea of energy.

But, you can tap into a state of consciousness where you’re more open to experiencing yourself as part of the whole.

When I was running this morning, I was trying to draw energy from the universe because I wanted it to be easier.  Then, I was thinking about my cells. Our cells mimic the patterns of the universe. I thought, I am one with the universe, then my cells are one with the universe. That then means that my cells have the power of the entire universe within them as do I because I’m not separate from the source. So as I imagined that energy in my cells powering my body and my muscles, the running did get easier.

The running got even easier as I was pushing my current limit and was contemplating the truths that I’m supported by the universe through every cell. I am supported by the earth that is giving me the resistance needed to run. The flora and fauna of the earth provide sustenance, shelter, and beauty for me. The atmosphere sustains my breathing needs with all the elements in the air. The sun, the moon, and all the planets in their orbits and patterns all support this plant’s existence and the conditions favorable for life. I was also supported by my feet and all the bone structure of my body and the muscles in the strength and the mind that was driving it.

I started to feel myself as that heat wave just moving through the sea of energy that my eyes saw as the forest.

That is truly an awesome experience. It also happens to be the truth. It also happens to be where you can tap into yourself as Source.

I’ve done a little guided meditation for you. You can find the video below or the link is here. I suggest that you find a quiet place at home and try it. Get comfortable with the process and then go out in the woods somewhere or sit on the beach by the water and really tune into the energy of life through nature. I tend to think it’s easier there. It’s not more profound because it’s nature because it’s the same field that you’ll tune into in your living room. I don’t know, I just like it out there better. I think it’s easier to tune into the consciousness of life out there.

Can you tune into the aliveness of absolutely everything today?
Be well