The Cosmic Snow Globe

We suddenly live in a new world since the recent emergence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and COVID-19. Many people feel overwhelmed with fear and uncertainty. We’ve also been faced with how small our world is and how connected we are.

Minimalist Hands World Cancer Day Social Media GraphicUncertainty is one of those existential truths that can lead to much suffering for us humans. Our brains like patterns and predictability. We easily get habituated to things.

Well, our snow globe has just gotten a cosmic shake up. The snow bits are slowing settling down into new patterns. And now, we’ll discover and create a new normal. We humans are so adaptable. It’s really one of our superpowers when we use it for good.


It is easy to get lost in fear these days. But, what if….?

What if you don’t have to be consumed with fear during this phase? What if you can learn to calm your mind and body? What if there are powerful positive ways that this experience can help you grow individually, in your relationships, and within the human collective?

Start by caring about how you feel! Remember that  your body is built brilliantly for balance, healing, and health. We are going through a very important health situation in our world right now. It absolutely requires our careful thoughts and inspired actions in the direction of wellness.

Think of it this way, the virus doesn’t automatically make you sick. A lack of balanced health in your body creates the conditions in which illness can grow. So, focus your mind on balance, wellness, and well-being. Focus on health promoting actions. Critical in this is to focus on everything that feels better in any given moment by refocusing your lens of attention and awareness.

This virus is not a tornado that can obliterate your community. It’s a “thing” looking for an opportunity.

It’s like weeds that start popping up in your garden. If you pull them when they come up, feed your plants, have beneficial combinations of plants and beneficial bugs, then your garden will thrive. Same with your body!

The reality is it’s more complicated than that because some viruses are beneficial and necessary. In fact, our gut microbiome may have as many, or more, virus cells than there are bacteria cells. The viruses are critical to the healthy functioning of our gut and our immune system. Our immune system is primarily created and managed in our gut.

Prolonged stress dramatically reduces the effectiveness of our immune systems.

Our bodies thrive with short bursts of stress like when we workout or do something exciting. In these situations, the stress causes a whole physiological response and then is released through the activity. The process helps build health and resilience much like weightlifting helps build muscles by stressing them. However, our bodies were not meant to experience chronic stress or stress over things like bills, work, relationships, or the current coronavirus.

There are people who have remained well or healed from everything out there, otherwise, humanity would have become extinct by now!

For context: In the 2018-2019 influenza season in the United States, there were 35.5 million illnesses, 16.5 million flu-related medical visits, almost 500,000 flu hospitalizations, and more than 34,000 influenza-related deaths (from CDC reports). The CDC also reported that nearly 650,000 Americans died from heart disease in 2018. The National Safety Council says that nearly 40,000 Americans died in 2018 in auto accidents.

There are behaviors and environmental factors that create the conditions for illness, and we have a large degree of influence over our wellness factors. We can’t control everything, of course, but we do have powerful tools and choices for health within us.

Fear depletes our immune systems. But! We’re really built for wellness.

Focus the lens of your attention on things that feel better – the love you have for family and friends. Did you see the Olympic Mountains this morning?!? The sight took my breath away in absorbing the beauty and appreciation. How about the sweet pet begging for your breakfast? How about the snugly blanket on your lap right now or the warm stimulating coffee you’re sipping? Or, the glorious blue sky today and the sun shining in the window? How about knowing that despite what’s going on right this moment, you’re okay? I’m listening to some great music and dancing in my chair as I write this. I’m having a great time!!

Happiness is Healing

What can you do? You can focus your efforts on feelings good physically and emotionally. Exercise and movement are essential for health. Eating healthy, clean foods, and being sufficient in micronutrients are essential for wellness. (check out this book if you like to nerd out on nutrition) “It is well documented that chiropractic adjustments give a boost to our immune system by as much as 200%” (Dr. Meg Simans, Director of the Chiropractic Lifestyle Center).

Balancing our minds and reducing stress are critical! See the resources below and consider starting 10 minutes of mindfulness practice each day. I suggest you also limit your consumption of news. There isn’t much that will insight fear and suppress your immune system like the 24 hour news cycle.

Focusing on these kinds of things helps you feel better, increases the effectiveness of your immune system, and stimulates the “rest and heal” system in your body/mind.

Focus on Well-being in every area of your life to support your healthy mind, body, and spirit.

My intention today is to care about how I feel which means to make sure I’m focusing my awareness on appreciation of everything I can. I also intend to eat, exercise, and move in ways that support my healthy body. I intend to consume information that supports my healthy mind and by being especially thoughtful about the news I consume. I intend to focus on attitudes and practices that support a strong spiritual connection.

It’s all about practice.

How can you cultivate well-being for yourself today?

Be well,


Check out these self-healing resources to help you reduce fear or anxiety and to enhance health and well-being:

*Guided Mindfulness Meditation by me

*Brad Yates on YouTube doing a tapping session to reduce coronavirus anxiety and one for boosting your immune system

*The Tapping Solution app has a free version that includes a group of tapping sessions under “Crisis Support First Aid Kit”. It has a coronavirus anxiety tapping session as well as one about feeling safe.

*Donna Eden doing a free masterclass through Mindvalley using simple energy techniques to support your healthy immune system. Click here.

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