Human Energy Systems & Healing

Everything in the Universe is made of just energy

The Universe is a field of energy that infuses everything. Energy gets attracted into atoms and molecules that are the building blocks of our world and bodies. Our bodies have many organ systems and they also have energy systems. Today’s blog is about those human energy systems. Be sure to check out the healing tip at the end!

We’re just energy

You’ve probably heard of meridians and the points used in acupuncture. You’ve likely also heard about the aura (biofield) and chakras. Humans have had awareness of and records of meridians, auric fields, and chakras for more than 3000 years. Donna Eden has identified at least 9 different-but-related energy systems in the human body.

Science now has technology to measure the pathways of meridians, biofields, and the chakras.

Many people can perceive more subtle energy systems that science cannot yet measure. Ultimately, energy is energy, but it can flow in different patterns. The systems are also all related much like the parts of a decorative mobile are related. When you tap one piece into motion, the others move, too. It’s the nature of energy to be in motion even if only at a subtle level. When you interact with one energy system you affect all the other energy systems as well as the overall organism.

Reiki is about moving energy and freeing the flow.

The Reiki system tends to focus on chakras and auric fields, however, all systems are affected. The practitioner can also intentionally interact with all energy systems in and around the human body.

I might even argue that one doesn’t necessarily need to know about the energy systems. One person with loving intent for the highest good can plug into their own higher self and then plug into their client. The “healer” in this case is really an activator of the “client’s” system. The client’s system can be trusted to do what it needs with the energy flow.

That’s what our immune systems do. They are always moving toward harmony and balance. When there is an invader, the system launches clean up crews to take care of the situation. Once the invader is neutralized, the system and body return to baseline.

The healer facilitates the flow helping the client’s innate systems move toward balance.

It is important to note that healing can be a tricky word. Healing can take place on many levels or mean different things to different people. Healing might mean curing a disease, but it could as easily mean emotional resolution or spiritual growth. Clients are the only ones who can discern the meaning of healing for themselves.

I believe it is the healer’s responsibility to do their inner work…

…so they can approach their clients from a neutral stance. Neutrality means they can meet their client respectfully, non-judgmentally, compassionately, and while honoring their client’s unique process and outcome.

Reiki can and does address specific issues. I believe the mechanism is through a generalized energy process. The healer helps activate the client’s energy systems. The client’s mind-body-spirit then harness the energy movement as it needs. This process often is outside the client’s conscious awareness. It is a natural healing process that does not need our mind interfering with efforts to control.

I see other energy healing modalities, like acupuncture and Eden Energy Medicine, as potentially more specific modalities because they use more specific techniques and protocols. I don’t see one modality as better than another, only different approaches.

There is immense diversity in our world, which is a great gift especially in healing.

Healers and clients feel called toward certain methods over other methods. Many healers learn multiple techniques and integrate them in their uniquely personal ways. I see this in many other professional fields as well. Healer and client are drawn together for a specific purpose on a subtle level.

We, and everything in the universe, are made of only energy. It seems like we should be simpler, but we’re really quite complex, dynamic, and mysterious beings. Modern science is amazing and sometimes it tries to oversimplify us. There are many things science can’t measure yet, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Think about all the things we know now through science that we didn’t know 50-100 years ago.

The more we try to simplify things, the more we miss how miraculous our existence is!

Reiki is a powerful, beautiful, graceful method for comfort, healing, enhancing well-being as well as a tool for deepening your spirituality, relationships, and happiness. There is good science supporting mind-body healing techniques read more here.

It is also a highly accessible tool to learn. June 8-10 you have the opportunity to join our transformational weekend training. You can find more information and the registration link for Become A Reiki Master if you’re ready to gift the world with your expansion and healing. CLICK HERE

All healing is self-healing so take advantage of all the best available to you from Western medicine and traditional non-invasive methods. Part of my purpose is Bridging Science with Ancient Healing.

Until next time, be well… Sue

Healing Tip

  1. Rub your hands together vigorously to get some heat going. You are charging and clearing the medium sized chakras in the palms of your hands when you do this.
  2. Now, tune into your body and do a mental sweep from head to toe noticing how it feels. When an area gets your attention, lay your hands right there for a while.
  3. Close your eyes and feel into that area of your body with your mind’s eye. Feel the warmth of your hands radiating into your body. Just notice whatever comes to you with all of your senses…sensations, mental pictures, mental sounds, etc.
  4. Hold the intention of sending energy and love into that area of your body and just notice what you notice.
  5. Try this for 5-10 minutes several days in a row.
  6. Let me know what happens!


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