The Science of Energy Healing

Just Woo-Woo?

What do you think about these?: Do you believe in acupuncture? How about MRI’s? Electrocardiograms? Electroencephalograms? How about ultrasounds? X-rays? Radiation therapies? Do you believe in laser surgery tools? I’m guessing your do.

Think about them for a moment…They are all methods of using energy in medicine and they are all considered mainstream, but they weren’t always accepted.

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What’s the Truth about energy healing?

Albert Schweitzer noted that, “All truth goes through three stages. First it is ridiculed. Then it is violently opposed. Finally, it is accepted as self-evident.” We can find innumerable examples throughout our history especially in the sciences. I would argue that energy medicine had a stage before Schweitzer’s first stage of ridicule which was complete acceptance.

Human bodies are built to heal themselves.

I absolutely believe in the human capacity to grow and heal. For at least 40 years, cell biologists have proven the profound healing capacity of the human body and mind. The key being, healing is a mind-body process. Check out Dr. Bruce Lipton’s book “The Biology of Belief” and Dr. Joe Dispenza’s books for the science of how our mind-bodies work.

Are you a Seeker? Or, a Healer?

Many people are becoming more interested in holistic approaches to health and well-being. Many of you who are reading this are probably Highly Sensitive People who often lean towards healing arts or helping professions. Reiki is an amazing tool for doing our own emotional, mental, physical, healing work, and it’s a great way to help our friends, families, animals, and maybe even as a professional healer.

I’m hoping to spark more interest and a better understanding of what Reiki is show that it’s a legitimate mind-body tool for health and well-being. I’m also hoping to spark your curiosity and maybe even help you realize you’re called to be a healer. Many people learn mind-body methods because they are spiritual seekers using spiritual and healing techniques to expand their consciousness and connection with the Divine. Others feel called to become healers as their profession.

What is reiki?

Throughout human history, there have been energy healing practices. Many people discount the techniques with, “Oh, it’s new age B.S.. It’s just a crock. Whatever. You can’t do energy healing.”

Let’s start with our belief that this box is solid. But, we know this is made of atoms, right? We all know this from science class. It’s made of atoms. Your body is made of atoms, too. Your dog is made of atoms. Everything is made from atoms. We believe that the box, your body, and your dog are all sold.

However, atoms aren’t solid things. Atoms, if you remember from science class, they’re little collections of protons and electrons flying around a nucleus. Except, we now know all the atomic bits are fast, highly-charged, little bits of energy. Sometimes we call them particles and sometimes they’re waves, but they’re little bits of energy. None of them are touching. It’s energy flying around on a very tiny scale, right? Nothing is solid. It’s just energy moving around. We know this is true of everything we’re aware of in the universe.

Science even shows us that there’s a field of energy in which we are essentially embedded. Our thoughts are energy, too. Consider that your thoughts are electricity and chemicals flying around in your brain, but they don’t stay in your brain. They ignite a cascade of electrochemical messages through your whole body all the way down to your DNA.

I love all this science stuff. What does it say about energy healing (mind-body) techniques?

The bio therapies, methods of mind-body techniques or Energy Psychology, are recognized by the National Institutes of Health and the American Psychological Association. They’re also recognized by the United States Veteran’s Administration. Energy psychology is a field now considered evidence-based. Researchers are working on getting mind-body methods approved for treatment of PTSD. There are more than 100 research studies published in peer-reviewed journals showing the effectiveness of energy healing techniques. Now, just to put that in context, in the field of psychology, there are more than 400 identified forms of psychotherapy. Most of them have little or no research to validate their effectiveness. But, what we’re seeing is the energy psychology technique, reiki falls under that umbrella, there is research supporting the safety and effectiveness of it.

Here are a couple of healing science tidbits

Dr. William Bengston, a sociologist at St. Joseph’s College in NY, has been studying hands-on healing for 35 years. He has shown that mice can be healed from cancer reliably with hands-on healing. His studies have been replicated at least 10 times at major university labs & medical schools. In fact, his mice developed immunity to cancer following their treatment. This is big! Check out his book, “The Energy Cure”.

A review article was published in October of 2017 in the professional journal, Issues in Mental Health Nursing. It was titled, “Mental Health Wellness and Bio therapies: An Integrative Review” and looked at 30 studies conducted between 2014 and 2016. The reviewers were specifically looking at healing touch and reiki. The studies provided convincing evidence that healing touch and reiki are safe and effective. None of the participants had adverse effects or negative side effects. They found that these methods were effective for reducing anxiety and stress and for improving mood, relaxation, and enhancing overall mental health wellness.

Reiki and other energy healing or Mind-Body techniques are spreading throughout the US. Now, we see it in places like the University of Washington Medical Center. We see complementary health departments in places like the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. We’re beginning to see a return to holistic approaches being integrated in mainstream healthcare.

Okay, that’s it for today. I just wanted to share a little about the exciting research being done with energy healing or mind-body therapies. Mind-body modalities are non-toxic, non-invasive, and effective.

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Be well.

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