Desires & Intentions but more importantly, WHY!

What’s your why? Here’s a practice to help flush it out.

Grab a journal and your favorite pen. Get comfortable. Now, take a few minutes to close your eyes and tune into your body and breath. Letting go.

  • Now gently pose the question to yourself…What do I desire? Just pick one for right now. Usually, it’s best to go with whatever pops up first. Write it down.
  • Why do I want it? What does it mean to me? Take whatever time you need to just write stream of consciousness. Don’t worry about spelling or grammar. Just write until you feel done.
  • Look back over what you wrote. Feel around for themes. See if there is some word or phrase that jumps out at you.
  • Write a short, clear sentence of intention about your desire. Try writing what, when, who, and how. Make it as short as possible. Play with it for a while. Maybe stick it up where you can percolate with it for a week or so.
  • Post in the comments if you want. I’d love to see what you come up with!

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Ultimately, all healing is self-healing. So, empower yourself by taking responsibility for your own wellbeing.

Today, I’m writing about desires and intentions but more importantly about the WHY that drives everything for you. Then, I’ve got a practice for you to help flush out that empowering, inspiring why that moves you toward everything you do in life.

Desires tend to get a bad rap in many spiritual and religious traditions. Desires are seen as the root of evil, greed, ungodliness, and suffering. They certainly can be but there are two important distinctions.

There are wholesome desires.

These are varied and generally I’d say they are the ones that do not cause harm to ourselves or others. Even desires for achievement and money can be wholesome, heartfelt, and worthwhile desires. The part of desires that causes most of our suffering has to do with our relationship to them.

Attachment to our desires, and anything else for that matter, does cause our suffering.

It’s in our demands that things be the way we’d prefer causes suffering. Even having a desire fulfilled can turn out to cause suffering if we cling to it and resist when we no longer have it. The true nature of everything we know of is that they come, and they go.

Impermanence – even our every breath dies unto the next.

Desires are important because they move us toward the things we want. Be bumble along our daily lives and bump into things we don’t like. In that moment, we clarify what we do want or our desire. Every organism is driven by a desire to live. We need the contrast to realize what we want in life. Our desires move us forward. So, please, embrace and nurture your wholesome desires and let them inspire you in this life.

Intentions are a commitment.

Intentions are a clear statement of your desire. They are a covenant to your Higher Self and to the Universe. Your intentions illuminate the path for you. They provide a tangible, measurable destination. That makes most of us feel safer when we think we know where we’re going. A simple, clearly stated intention can help prepare you to undertake big goals. They help shift your energy and create a commitment beyond what simple goals will do.

But, what is your WHY?

Our “why’s” are our gut-level drives. They are the beliefs that motivate us to do what we do. Our “why” can create the energy to train for a marathon or the inspiration to write that song or to plop on the couch with ice cream and the remote.

Our “why” is the meaning we ascribe to whatever the activity is. We might train for a marathon because we need a big audacious goal to get us focused on fitness. And, we want to feel strong and fit. We want to take on a project for several months. Something that challenges us to learn new information, develop new skills, do something outside our comfort zone, and help us build confidence. We train for the marathon to see if we can create it!

When we get burned out at work and relationships or fall short on our goals it’s often because we lost our connection with our “why”. Our unique “why” gives life to wherever we focus it.

I believe…..

My why is built upon my belief in the beautiful and amazing human capacity to grow and to heal. I’m called to help you tap into yourself and your alignment with your capital “T” Truth.

Take some time to get clear on your “why’s” especially about the things causing you problems or about the really important ones. The practice outlined above will help.

Next time I’ll be writing about The 7 Jewels of Happiness!


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