What is an energy session like?

It is different for every person. The Tapping (EFT) is basically mirroring. You copy the words and tapping points on yourself as I do them on myself. You’ll pick up the tapping quickly so you can use it on yourself at home. I’ll help you target as specifically as possible the components that are causing difficulty for you. There are also online resources that will help you get better focus and effectiveness on your issues.

Reiki sessions are done on the massage table. You are fully clothed. You’ll begin by laying on your back. I put my hands on or near your body depending on what is most appropriate. I tune into your body’s energy which gives us both information during the process. I essentially activate your energy. The process helps you release, energize, and re-balance your energy.

There was a 10-year study done with Harvard evaluating PET brain scans before and after tapping. It should significant results for the reduction of stress chemicals following the tapping. I’ll have to look that up again and post it here.

Everyone’s experience of the energy work is different as is every energy session one has. People experience the flow and/or release of energy in different ways. Almost everyone feels better when they get off the table. Occasionally, the work brings up emotional issues that can be upsetting. I consider this a very good thing because clearly, you are ready to work it out!

Reiki is gentle, yet powerful. We can work with any sensation or emotion that arises during the session. Many people experience important insights about themselves while in the session.

Reiki is also something you can learn for use on yourself, friends & family, and pets. Visit my EVENTS page for more info on training.

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